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06/12/2017 - AlphaZero demolishes previous Computer Champion Stockfish 8.
Chess changed forever and a 1950 predication by John von Neumann, that the evolution of artificial intelligence will result in unfathomable changes to human civilization comes one step closer.

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We meet to play, Thursday evenings from 7pm till 10.15pm. Come along and join our friendly chess community.

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Victorian Chess sanctioned and in house tournaments held throughout the year

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Strategy and Tactics

Our higher rated members will assist to improve your Chess understanding and general play

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Theme Nights

We run Chess theory and alernative play nights where members can suggest content

The Commitee

These are the people who run the show.


President           :     Leon Leontyev
Vice-President   :    Stefan Vink
Secretary           :     Met Mustafa
Treasurer           :    David Rutherford
Committee         :   Will Bakanursky

Why we play the game

Chess is a great game played internationally and comprises one of the largest communities with over half a billion players worldwide.

The history of Chess is as fascinating as the game itself. Many think it was developed circa 500CE in present day Afghanistan, before spreading throughout the world. It came to Europe circa 1000CE just about the time when Oxford and Cambridge universities were founded.

The main premise of the game included the different military units, Infantry were Pawns, Cavalry were Knights, Elephants were Bishops and Chariots were Rooks, with the Queen originally being the King’s advisor.

The game contains many inherent paradoxes. The King is the most powerful piece on the board and yet can only move one square at a time. The weakest piece, the Pawn becomes increasingly powerful as it move forward towards the end of board, where it can be exchanged for any piece with the exception of the King.

The Knight’s moves are enigmatic and can trick a Queen into capture or else corner the King into checkmate. According to many studies, Chess can focus your mind and improve decision-making skills.

The joy of chess is about playing one of the oldest games in history which contains nearly endless possibilities. The game of begins with a very simple seed of twenty possible moves by white and then 20 possible moves by black, so at one move each, we create a position from the gamut of 400 possible game variations.

After 2 moves each there are 72,084 different possible positions and after three moves there are over 9 million different possible positions. By the 4th move the count reaches a staggering 318 million and so on.

The Shannon number (10 ^120), named after Claude Shannon, is a conservative lower bound for the game-tree complexity of chess. This is based on a typical game of intermediate players lasting about 40 of such pairs of moves (GM's games typically last 80 pairs).

The number of atoms in the observable universe is estimated to be in the order of 10^80. We know our star system contains approximately 10^57 atoms. If you multiply the number of atoms per star system (10^57) times the estimated number of stars systems in the universe (10^23) we get 10^80 atoms in the universe.

In other words, if we ignore nonsensical games e.g. allowing the queen to be captured by a pawn without compensation, then the total number of possible games of chess is approximately equal to the total number of atoms in the universe.

There is a certain mathematical and geometric beauty to the game of Chess that opens the door to endless strategies, dynamic tactics and precision technique that relies on utilizing the mechanics of the individual pieces.

"Give Chess A Chance" because if real wars were fought over a chessboard, instead of battlefields, then we would also "Give Peace A Chance"

So finally, we play CHESS-4-WORLD-PEACE. Soccer maybe "The World Game", but Chess is trully, "The Universal Game".

Club Fees

We endeavour to keep fees at affordable levels.


  • $100.00
  • Per annum
  • General membership


  • $60.00
  • Pensioners
  • Students

Ad Hoc

  • $5.00
  • Per night
  • First night free

Contact Us

If you require further information send an email or if you prefer call us

visit @ 29 Venice St, Mentone VIC 3194

or mail to : [email protected]

or call Leon (the president) 0411 745 572

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