Welcome to the Mentone Chess Club!

Why should I join?

We are a friendly group of players with varying age, ethnicity and skill levels. It’s the perfect place to sharpen your skills, gain rating or just have some fun and play some casual games. First night is free so please come by and play a few games.

Competitive Tournaments

Competitive in-house chess tournaments run throughout the year, play against strong opponents to put your skills to the test and win prizes!

Casual Games

Casual rapid & blitz games are played regularly all through the year so you can practice your chess without the pressure of a competitive tournament.

Mentone Chess Club Committee Members

President:    L.Leontyev   

Vice-Pres:    R.Reardon       

Secretary:    M.Mustafa       

Treasurer:    D.Rutherford 

Committee:  M.Mailer, M.Beecroft, A.Nash.

Thursdays from 7.15pm

Stop by and play some chess!